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Editorial and production prepress
services for publishers

HWA Text and Data Management offer a one-stop shop editorial and production service for publishers. We take books and journals from authors' files through the complete production cycle to print-ready PDFs, XML/HTML or eBooks. We guarantee cost-efficient, prompt production, and our meticulous UK-based editors and proofreaders work to the highest professional standard.


For more than 20 years we have created textbooks, directories and academic monographs. Authorative and distinctive, these also meet the high expectations of the discipline or profession represented.

You need only hand us the author's text and our project management service will attend carefully to every stage of the journey to a press-ready PDF.


We understand the specialist requirements of academic journals and take great pride in our reputation for understanding the brief and producing a journal that reflects the high level of research and scholarship contained within the title.

Our subject-specialist copy editors work closely with academic editorial boards to ensure consistent house style and standards while working with a wide range of contributors. Read more...

Transforming content

As well as being experts in printed matter, we can convert the content of a publication into HTML, XML or an eBook. We can also convert XML or HTML into conventional print publications.

We also have a wide experience of creating books and directories using data taken from sources outside publishing, such as databases.