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Editorial and production prepress
services for publishers

HWA Text and Data Management offer a one-stop shop editorial and production service for publishers. We take books and journals from authors' files through the complete production cycle to print-ready PDFs, XML/HTML or eBooks. We guarantee cost-efficient, prompt production, and our meticulous UK-based editors and proofreaders work to the highest professional standard..

About us

Based in the heart of Camden Town in central London, HWA Text and Data Management has been creating books, journals and directories for more than 25 years.

We offer a one-stop prepress production service – from author’s manuscript through to press-ready PDFs or electronic publication. We take complete care of editing, typesetting and proofing, meeting deadlines and budgets and providing regular progress reports to our clients.

HWA has created hundreds of publications – from monthly magazines to multi-volume encyclopaedias – on everything from engineering and mathematics, social sciences and humanities to the arts and cultural affairs.

Our team of editors and proofreaders offers a high-quality, cost-efficient and prompt service we have years of experience in repurposing content, whether it be from a print publication to an electronic format (XML, HTML, ebook) or from raw electronic data to print or another electronic form. We also work in legacy data formats, such as LaTex and TeX.

We take great pride in attending meticulously to individual needs of each book we work on, ensuring that layout and illustrations enhance its content, and keeping authors fully informed from beginning to end.

HWA is, in short, the reliable, knowledgeable partner to entrust with your prepress production.